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Alcune curiosità sul Biocamino Artigianale di Alessandro Romagnoli

How can I perfume bioethanol?

The Artisan Bio-Fireplace by Alessandro Romagnoli is equipped with a ceramic cup in which the steel burner is inserted. Put some water in the ceramic cup to get the air humid together with a few drops of bio-vegetable essential oil, alcohol-free.
It is also possible to add a few grains of pink Himalayan salt to ionize of the atmosphere. Fill the burner with bioethanol but do not let it spill.

How much does the bio-fireplace consume?

Artisan Bio-Fireplace by Alessandro Romagnoli lasts about 2/2,5 hours and can be easily recharged whenever we need to.
The burner, i.e. the stainless steel cup, has a capacity of approximately 250ml. The cost of bioethanol is highly variable, depending on the supplier, generally a 10lt tank costs €35.00. Once turned off, Alessandro Romagnoli's Artisan Bio-Fireplace needs no maintenance, cleaning or disposal of any residue.

Does the bio-fireplace require a ceramic sponge?

Alessandro Romagnoli's Artisan Bio-Fireplace does not require the use of a ceramic sponge.

Where should the bio-fireplace be placed ?

Alessandro Romagnoli's bio-fireplaces can be placed on floor or on the table. Like a wood-burning fireplace, it is important to respect the safety distances from flammable materials and not expose it to draughts.
A recommendation! Do not expose the lit and therefore hot Bio-fireplace to cold drafts.

Can I also place the bio-fireplace outside?

In addition to being a source of heat, Alessandro Romagnoli's Artisan Bio-Fireplace is also a piece of furniture with a very elegant, refined and unique design. It can be positioned anywhere as it is not bound by a flue... It can be placed everywhere in the home, in the office, in the bedroom, in the attic... so that, in cold periods, a greater concentration of heat can be obtained. Being an indoor/outdoor fireplace, in the summer season we can also use it outdoors, in open spaces it can be used with a scented candle that replaces the burner (the stainless steel cup) or with essential oils: mosquito repellent, relaxing, etc...
But as already underlined in the previous point, never expose the hot bio-fireplace to cold drafts!

Artisan bio-fireplace by Alessandro Romagnoli

The components

The Bio-fireplaces
The Bio-fireplaces
The Bio-fireplaces:<small style='font-size:14px'>Container for burner</small>
Container for burner
The Bio-fireplaces:<small style='font-size:14px'>The burner</small>
The burner
The Bio-fireplaces:<small style='font-size:14px'>The manhole cover of the fireplace</small>
The manhole cover of the fireplace

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