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Everything you need to know to easily install in your home
an Artisan Bio-fireplace by Alessandro Romagnoli without a flue

Today every home can have the warmth of a flame!

Bio-Fireplace FLAME -Bio-Fireplace UNICA-Bio-Fireplace VELA:Artisan and artistic ceramic bio-fireplaces - Alessandro Romagnoli

To make your home even more delightful and comfortable and enjoy the warmth of fire with the new bioethanol fireplaces without flue by Alessandro Romagnoli, follow the instructions on the side and watch the video that we offer below.

Remove the body of the bio fireplace from the packaging and remove the packaging at place.
Position the bio fireplace where you prefer to have a greater concentration of heat, in the center of the room or if you prefer close to the walls, however leave about 20 cm from the wall to circulate the air around the bio fireplace. Place the bio fireplace on a flat surface, avoid places subject to vibrations.
The bio-fireplace can be safely placed on furniture of any material as the ceramic structure at the base remains cold.
Insert the ceramic glass in the center of the bio-fireplace and insert the special steel brazier inside the glass. As regards the bio-fireplace Mod. VELA, the ceramic glass should not be positioned in the center, but slightly moved to the left, perpendicular to the outlet hole, to avoid that the flame comes into contact with the ceramic.
Fill the brazier with BioEthanol. ATTENTION!!! do not let the BioEthanol escape from the brazier. Leave at least 0.5/0.3 cm from the edge.
Light the bowl with a lighter or long match.
The bio-fireplace will now start producing hot air, free of smoke, odors and harmful substances. The only emissions will be CO2 and H2O equal to that of a human being's breath. 100% of the heat produced will remain in the environment


To make your home even more delightful and comfortable and enjoy the charm of fire with the new bioethanol fireplaces by Alessandro Romagnoli without flue, we also ask you to pay attention to the things we indicate on the side

Do not place the bio-fireplace under paintings, posters, etc…. as the air emitted from the upper mouth of the bio fireplace is quite intense.
While the bio-fireplace is lit, the upper part of the body can reach temperatures of 80 degrees, therefore avoid direct contact in order not to get a slight burn!!
If you want to move the bio-fireplace to another room, before moving it, always turn it off with the appropriate manhole cover and leave the manhole cover on the brazier for at least 3 minutes before recharging and turning it on again.
Before recharging the bio-fireplace with Bioethanol, make sure that the bio-fireplace is turned off. Always extinguish with the appropriate manhole cover and leave the manhole cover on the brazier for at least 3 minutes before recharging and relighting.
The lower part of the body of the bio-fireplace flame always remains cold; To move it, take it from below (with the flame off)
One of the advantages of the bio-fireplace is that it does not dirty and does not need particular cleaning: once it is turned off, the bio-fireplace does not need maintenance, cleaning or disposal of any residue.
The only recommended maintenance is to remove the burner, wash it with water by hand or in the dishwasher, dry it and put it back in the special ceramic glass.
It is risky and highly discouraged to modify the characteristics of this product.

Very important

Always use pure bioethanol liquid fuel, absolutely do not use other types of fuel such as petrol, zibro, or alcohol. The use of improper fuel may cause fire.
Do not transport the bio-fireplace if it contains fuel inside the burner, empty it first.
Keep sprays and volatile or flammable liquids such as petrol, zibro, diesel, solvents, etc. away from the bio-fireplace.

Artisan bio-fireplace by Alessandro Romagnoli

The components

The Bio-fireplaces
The Bio-fireplaces
The Bio-fireplaces:<small style='font-size:14px'>Container for burner</small>
Container for burner
The Bio-fireplaces:<small style='font-size:14px'>The burner</small>
The burner
The Bio-fireplaces:<small style='font-size:14px'>The manhole cover of the fireplace</small>
The manhole cover of the fireplace

It's not just a fireplace, it's an elegant and refined work of art,
with a unique design, made by Alessandro with his own hands.
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